Project Overview

The OMRON connect app is an important part of Omron's going for zero mission to eliminate heart attacks and strokes. Monitoring your blood pressure everyday can help make this vision a reality. The app makes it easy to view your health metrics anytime, anywhere. Syncing wirelessly to your smartphone or tablet, the OMRON connect app tracks your readings and daily measurements, giving you a more clear view of your overall health.

The OMRON connect app provides a lot of free features for you to manage your heart health (some feature availability depends on device type):-
• Easily sync your readings to your smartphone via Bluetooth®
• Email readings to family, physicians, or other health care professionals and share your progress
• Keep track of your health history by storing and saving unlimited readings
• Get a complete view of your blood pressure with systolic, diastolic and pulse readings
• Receive alerts when notable changes in blood pressure are detected
• Set physical activity goals and track your progress
• Monitor the length and quality of your sleep
• Monitor your weight and BMI (body mass index)
• Access additional historical health data around sleep, weight, EKG, activity and more.


My Role

An interesting part of this project was how suite of features would integrate with devices. taking a super collaborative approach, I involved engineers and leadership at every turn — making sure everything we produced was technically viable. Working across hemispheres, a big part of my approach was sketching, prototyping and user interface.


  • Gathered and evaluated application requirements in collaboration with product managers and engineers.
  • Making sure if feature is feasiable or not
  • Sketching solutions and making prototypes.
  • Desgining user interface

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